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Handbook Officer

Post by Maxi on Wed 6 May - 11:28

Radio Codes

Radio Codes are an important part of our Police Department, every member of the Los Santos Police Department is obliged to use the codes suring their duty time and that's when they use the radio to speak.

10-00 Codes:
10-0: Caution
10-1: All units stop what you're doing and meet me at <location>.
10-2: Suspect in custody.
10-3: Everyone stop talking.
10-4: I got the message and understood it.
10-5: Can you repeat that?
10-6: Disregard.
10-7: Stand-by.
10-8: Currently busy.
10-14: Requesting a pickup at <location>.
10-18: Urgent.
10-20: Current location
10-21: Tell me your status.
10-22: Go to <location>.
10-26: Detaining suspect.
10-27: Changing frequencies.
10-40: Many people in the area.
10-41: There is possible illegal activity in the area.
10-55: Traffic stop.
10-56: Background check.
10-57 VICTOR: In pursuit of a vehicle.
10-57 FOXTROT: In a foot-chase.
10-59: Escort.
10-60: Description of the vehicle.
10-61: Description of the suspect.
10-70: Requesting backup.
10-70 ECHO: Requesting emergency backup.
10-70 TANGO: Requesting S.W.A.T.
10-71: Requesting an ambulance.
10-72: I am no longer requesting backup.
10-98: No more assistance is required for at the moment.
10-99: The situation has ended.

Status Codes:

Status 1: Going off duty
Status 2: Coming on duty
Status 3: Currently on a break.
Status 4: Currently patrolling and available to take calls.
Status 5: I'm responding with lights and sirens off.
Status 5-E: I'm responding with lights and sirens on.
Status 6: I'm currently on the scene.

Identify Codes:

IC-1: White
IC-2: Black
IC-3: Latino or Mexican
IC-4: Middle-Eastern
IC-5: Asian
IC-6: Some unknown ethnicity.

Situational Codes:

Code 0: All units drop what you're doing and respond.
Code 1: Non-emergency. If you're doing something, deal with it first.
Code 2: Non-emergency. If you're doing something, drop it and respond.
Code 3: There is an emergency. Respond with lights and sirens.
Code 4: All S.W.A.T members respond.

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